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Camp Vimy at Churchill Square

Step back in time.

Camp Vimy in Winston Churchill Square is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to see, touch and feel history. Meet and talk with WWI Soldier interpreters in period dress as they share their stories and letters from Vimy. And you’ll be able to collect commemorative Vimy soldier cards. 

Get a sense of the size and treacherous nature of the battlefield as you view a 50’ x 50’ map of the battlefield and the infamous ridge. Talk to the Lord Strathcona soldiers and see their horses in the Vimy corral.

Write out a wish for the next 100 years on a maple leaf and hang it on the Vimy Wish Tree – a metal sculpture by artist Slavo Cech. The commemorative sculpture is reminiscent of a battlefield tree that bore witness to the battle that forged our nation.

Military collectors, museum professionals and archivists will be inside City Hall to share more stories about the Battle of Vimy Ridge and Edmonton's involment in World War I.